Aqueous Degreasing System
[Aqueous Degreaser]


  • Eliminates solvent use

  • Reduces chemical costs and hazardous waste

  • Integral filtration system

  • Continuous solution agitation

  • Compatible with most aqueous degreasing solutions

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Spray lance for stubborn contaminants

Degrease Without Solvents

Greco Brothers Aqueous Degreasing Systems provide an economical means of removing oils using water based mild alkaline detergents. The recirculation pump provides liquid agitation while oils, grease and other contaminants are continuously skimmed, separated and filtered. Oil can be tapped off the surface of the oil collection compartment by opening a drain valve, or the system can be provided with a belt skimmer that will continuously remove oil. The hand-held spray lance allows the operator to direct the cleaning agent at particularly stubborn soils. Standard sizes range from 16" x 16" x 16" to 24" x 24" x 24". Custom units can be built to nearly any size and configuration.


Available Options

Belt Skimmer: An automatic belt skimmer is installed in the oil collection compartment. The oil is continuously skimmed from the top surface of the compartment, and deposited in a separate container for disposal.

Platform Agitation: If the primary contaminant is oil, the liquid agitation created by the standard high-capacity pump is sufficient. For more difficult applications with hard-to-remove contaminants, we offer an optional platform agitator which keeps the parts in continuous motion under solution. Platform agitation enhances the effectiveness of the degreaser by providing greater turbulence and flushing stubborn contaminants from the parts.

Recycler Compartments: Recycler dragout compartments can be added to the system to reduce consumption of both cleaning compound and water. Recycler compartments serve as static water rinses. The work piece is immersed in the compartment immediately after it has been cleaned, rinsing off the majority of the cleaning agent. It is then immersed in additional recycler compartments or in a running water rinse. The first recycler compartment is constructed as an integral part of the cleaning system It's drain line is connected to the pump reservoir of the aqueous degreaser. When the solution level in the pump reservoir of the aqueous degreaser begins to run low, the detergent-rich rinse water from the recycler compartment is used to replenish it. Fresh city water is then fed to the recycler to maintain its level and to reduce the concentration of detergent. Additional recycler compartments can be added as subsequent rinses. Each compartment will automatically maintain the level of the compartment before it, and will replenish itself with water from the compartment following it. When ordering, add "-R" to the model number.

Ultrasonics: Ultrasonics are always an available option on Greco Brothers' equipment. Ultrasonic power provides very aggressive cleaning and is especially useful when the contaminant is lodged in small holes or crevices. If the parts being cleaned are contaminated with polishing compounds, heavy grease or other hard to remove particulate, ultrasonics should be considered. Please consult your salesperson for proper size and configuration.


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