Front Load Dryers
Vertically Sliding Door Models

Model FLV3630
Model FLH3630


All of our Front Load drying systems feature vertical air flow. Air enters at the top of the drying chamber and flows downward, exiting through the grating at the bottom of the chamber.

The "FLV" models listed here have manually-operated, counter-weighted doors that open vertically with the touch of a finger. Pneumatically-powered doors are optionally available. The large chamber sizes make these systems ideal for parts that are up to 30" tall and for parts, racks, or baskets that dry most effectively with downward air flow.

The front load dryers with horizontally-opening doors ("FLH" models) found here, have the same air flow pattern, but taller and narrower chambers.

Hanger rods and a work rest are standard on all systems. Side wall brackets, designed to accept multiple shallow trays, are optionally available.

As with all our dryers, the foam-insulated, double-wall heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures quick heat up time and long equipment life. The air in the drying chamber is continuously circulated with a high velocity blower and reheated. So unlike some dryers that exhaust-large amounts of hot air into the room, these drying systems are energy efficient.

For taller chambers, see our Horizontal Door / Front Load Dryers or return to our Dryer Overview Page

Model Number
Chamber Dimensions (L-R) x (F-B) x H)
30" x 24" x 30"
36" x 30 " x 30 "
48" x 32 " x 36 "
Overall Dimensions (L-R) x (F-B) x H)
42" x 44" x 105 "
48" x 50 " x 105 "
60" x 52 " x 111"
*Power Requirements
Air Flow
1,100 CFM
1,100 CFM
1,500 CFM
Heat Input
7.5 kW
7.5 kW
15 kW

*Other voltages available.

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