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Greco Brothers

Hot Air Dryers

are designed to be the most efficient and economical

parts dryers

on the market. Our foam-insulated, double-walled heavy duty stainless steel construction ensures quick heat-up time and long equipment life. The air in the drying chamber is continuously circulated, making Greco Brothers

Hot Air Dryers

significantly more energy-efficient than dryers that exhaust large amounts of heated air. All air passes through an in-line MERV-4 air filter so only clean, hot air is directed at the work piece.
Top Load Hot Air Dryer


industrial parts dryers

are offered in five standard styles. Each style has been carefully designed to solve specific drying problems associated with particular part, rack and basket configurations, production requirements, and material handling considerations. Door mechanisms on our dryers can be mechanically assisted or completely automated.

Our Lab Style

Hot Air Dryers

offer the low production facility or laboratory an effective and inexpensive drying option. Whether you need to dry one small basket or several hundred racks per hour; whether your parts are medical instruments, jewelry, automotive equipment, or aerospace components, Greco Brothers has drying equipment to suit your needs. All of our

industrial dryers

are designed to provide the utmost in ease of use and durability; and they are built to the high standards of quality you've come to expect from Greco Brothers.

If you have a unique application that calls for a special drying system, we will be pleased to custom design a dryer to meet your individual requirements. And we can deliver your custom drying system with surprisingly short lead times at very competitive prices.

Find out more about how we can provide the efficient, economical drying system you need. Scroll through the additional information or call us at 401-421-9306.

MT1620 Hot Air Dryer Modular Top Load Hot Air Dryers - Our Modular Top Load (MT-style) hot air drying systems are available in standard and custom sizes. The heated chamber is fully insulated and enclosed in an attractive stainless steel bench, which is designed to match our ultrasonic cleaning benches. Removable front panels provide easy access to the blower and heater area. The sliding cover makes loading a breeze and the entire system requires very little floor space. The Model MT 2420 (shown at top of page) is designed to accept up to two of our rotating parts baskets. Standard systems are available with compartment sizes ranging from 15" x 15" x 18" to 24" x 20" x 24". Larger systems or different configurations can be custom designed for nearly any drying application. All models include nominal filtration through a MERV4-rated aluminum or stainless steel filter. HEPA filtration and automated covers, designed to be controlled by a programmable lift system, are optionally available.

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Top Load Hot Air DryersTop Load Hot Air Dryers - Our industrial Top Load Dryers (TL-Style), with their larger work compartments, increased air flow, and greater heat input, are the most robust and cost-effective dryers in our line. These chest-style dryers are offered with a bottom work rest, or full-length removable stainless hanger steel rods; enabling them to accommodate hanging racks, part baskets, or heavy parts up to 30" tall. They include a MERV-4 removable filter within the air flow and can be outfitted with a HEPA filtration system if warranted. The mechanically assisted cover opens easily and can be configured to open 90-degrees to simplify loading with an overhead hoist. Compartment sizes range from 30" x 25" x 30 " to 60" x 25" x 30 ".

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Front Load Hot Air Dryers - Our Front Load drying systems are designed to easily process racks, parts, and trays that are taller than 24". Heated air flows from top to bottom, making these systems ideal for drying vertically-hung tubular-shaped parts or for stacking numerous shallow trays of smaller parts. Hanger rods and a work rest are standard. Side wall brackets, designed to accept multiple shallow trays, are optionally available. Front Load Dryers are available in two configurations;

Front Load - Horizontal Door

Our FLH-Style Dryers have horizontally sliding doors and a taller work chamber. These systems have the same high air flow, heat input, and filtration combination as the Top Load models. Side-stream HEPA filtration is optionally available. The standard FLH-Style dryers have compartments that range from 25" wide x 30" high x 30" deep to 25" wide x 55" high x 30" deep.

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Front Load - Vertical Door

The FLV-Style Dryers have a vertically sliding door and a wider work chamber. Doors can be manually-operated or automated. These systems have the same high air flow, heat input, and filtration combination as the Top Load models and can be outfitted with larger heat and air flow combinations if the application warrants. Standard compartment sizes for vertical door models range from 30" x 24" x 30" to 48" x 32" x 36"

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Roller Table Dryers- Designed to be placed in line with a roller-conveyor cleaning operation, these dryers feature a manually operated stainless steel roller assembly. The roller dryer is optionally supplied with a roller table extension for the entrance and exit.
Roller Table Dryer
Roller Table Dryer Diagram

Roller table can be manually operated or motorized


Conveyor Dryers - These systems incorporate a stainless steel mesh conveyor that moves the parts through the drying chamber. They are best suited for continuous operations with high production requirements. High capacity variable speed drive, and an optional air knife offers the ability to customize the drying process to accommodate the work piece and production rate.

Conveyor Dryer


MT1620 Hot Air Dryer Lab Style Hot Air Dryers -

Finally, A top quality hot air parts dryer, designed with the small production facility in mind. Greco Brothers Lab Style dryers are built with many of the same features as our industrial-sized dryers, but with a smaller heated chamber. Their modest overall size makes these systems ideal for testing laboratories and other facilities with low production requirements. Foam-insulated, double-walled heavy-duty stainless steel construction ensures quick heat up time and long equipment life. The air in the drying chamber is continuously circulated, so they won't add any significant heat load to the lab or production area. Best of all, these systems are competitively priced and built to the high standard of quality you've come to expect from Greco Brothers.

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