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Used Cleaning & Drying Equipment

Greco Brothers primarily offers new cleaning and drying equipment, but we occasionally encounter the opportunity to offer our customers systems that have been lightly used as demonstrators at our factory or in trade shows. All systems offered here have been inspected and test-operated. Please feel free to browse through the equipment displayed below and to call or email with any questions that you have.

Greco Brothers model CBC1012 three-compartment stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning bench with heated sweep-frequency 40-kHz ultrasonic cleaning tank, two-compartment counter-flow rinse system, integral plumbing, and integral programmable automation. On wheels for easy mobility. Place parts to be cleaned in the work basket, press the "Start" switch, and come back minutes later to remove the cleaned parts. This is a demonstration model that was displayed in trade shows. It has never been used commercially. The regular list price for this configuration is in the $38,000 range. We are offering it for $22,500. A Hot Air Parts Dryer is optionally available.

Used Ultrasonic Cleaner

Compartment size: 10" x 12" x 10" deep
Overall Dimensions: 58"L x 36"W x 78" high

New Holland Model K-11 (6" x 6") centrifugal dryer with heat option. Like new - only used for demonstration and testing purposes. Available with or without stainless steel perforated basket. The current list price for this dryer is $3,295. Demo price for this unit: $2,350. (add $150 for basket).

Used Centrifugal Dryer Model K11 Centrifugal Dryer used-centrifugal-dryer-top

Overall Height 19.5"
Work Height 16 1/8"
Table Space Required 9 3/8" x 14"
Weight 79 lbs.
Operating Speed 1,100 rpm
Motor Size 1/8 hp
Basket Size 6"x6"
Capacity 7 lbs.
Bearings 2, sealed ball
Reversible Control No
Drive Direct coupled
Construction Arc-welded steel plate
Electrical System 110/120 VAC 50/60Hz
Heating Unit 600 watts switchable electric
Meets N.E.C. Specifications Yes
U.L. Recognized Yes
Grease Fittings None

used ultrasonic vapor degreaser

Model UVD1214 Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser only used as demonstrator and for occasional cleaning tests at our facility.

- Compartment size: 12" x 14" x 12" deep
- Vapor zone: 25" x 14" x 12" deep

Base system includes secondary refrigeration, hand-held spray wand, and immersion sump filtration.

This unit is available with or without new refrigerated water chiller (for primary cooling coil) and with or without ultrasonics in immersion sump. The optional water chiller has extra cooling capacity, making this system suitable for use with the new low-boiling-point HFE and HFC-based safety solvents

refrigerated water chiller

Compare to the normal list price of over $55,000 for this model with ultrasonics and water chiller.


Base Price   $19,900
Add Refrigerated Water Chiller (optional)   $6,935
Add Ultrasonics (optional)   $4,695