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Greco Brothers Spot-Free Displacement Drying Systems are the state of the art in part drying technology. By displacing the water from the part rather than evaporating it, these systems are capable of producing spot-free parts which are thoroughly dry and free of water stains, mineral salts and other residual soils.

Displacement Dryer diagramHow Displacement Drying Works

The Greco Brothers displacement drying system is fully integrated; consisting of a drying sump, a rinse sump, primary and secondary water separators, primary and secondary cooling systems, and a filtered circulation system.

Fast, spot-free drying can be accomplished because of the relatively high specific gravity of the drying fluids and their drying agent, which encourages rapid displacement of water from part surfaces.

Operating Procedure

The wet parts are immersed in the drying chamber. As the water is displaced, it rises to the surface. The water is then skimmed over a weir, into a water separator and to drain. Next the parts are removed from the drying sump and placed in the rinse sump to remove any drying agent residue. After immersion rinsing, the parts are given a final vapor rinse and are removed ­ dry and stain-free.

Why a Greco Brothers

Greco Brothers has been a leading manufacturer of

cleaning and drying equipment

for over seventy years. Our Displacement Drying Systems are designed to maximize drying effectiveness, operating efficiency, and dependability while meeting the needs of your specific drying application.We combine high turnover rates, continuous filtration, liquid agitation and ultrasonic cavitation in a design that ensures the most effective drying system available-and one that requires a minimum of floor space. All models are designed with special features that drastically reduce vapor emissions. In addition to the primary and secondary refrigerated cooling systems, we provide a shut-down cycle which operates after the dryer's work is done. While in shut-down mode, the refrigerant in the primary cooling system is diverted to special cooling coils in the boil and rinse compartments. Control Panel This system quickly cools the liquid, while the secondary refrigeration system continues to condense any residual vapors. As final insurance against downtime losses, all Greco Brothers

Displacement Drying systems

come with our patented Drop-Seal Cover which rolls into position and seals the vapors in the machine. Best of all, with Greco Brothers equipment you get the quality workmanship that our customers have come to expect from us over the last fifty years. The entire body of our dryers, along with all components and framework are constructed exclusively from heli-arc welded stainless steel-ensuring long equipment life and satisfied customers.

For more information, call Greco Brothers. We will be pleased to help you choose the high-performance drying system that best meets your requirements.

Nearly any water-wet part can be dried using a Greco Brothers Spot-Free Displacement Dryer. Complex part configuration and stringent tolerances for surface contamination are no longer a drying problem. These systems are designed to meet the drying requirements of critical electromechanical assemblies, optical elements and lenses, computer components, medical devices, aerospace components, and nearly any water-wet part. And best of all, Greco Brothers displacement parts dryers utilize fluids which are non-toxic, and non ozone-depleting.

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